Scott signs for Wolves
Thursday 14 March 2019

Scott has been signed by Premiership Wolverhampton Wolves.

Their number one, Jacob Thorssell, injured his hand and so Wolves moved quickly to sign Scott.

Scott said: “I’m obviously buzzing to have got a place in the Premiership. It’s not the way I would have liked, I feel awful for Jacob to suffer an injury on the eve of the campaign.

“Wolves is a club I’ve always wanted to race for and Chris van Straaten (club owner) has targeted me a few times over the years but it’s somehow never worked out.

“I’m very grateful of the opportunity and it’s a track I obviously like. It holds very special memories for me. I won my sixth and seventh British Championships at Monmore so it will mean a lot for it to be my home track at last.”

“This has definitely given me an extra boost for this season.

“I always want to prove that I can produce it at the highest level, there’s absolutely no reason why not. It was a disjointed campaign for me a year ago at Rye House and Leicester. Now I just want to hit the ground running for Wolves and score a lot of points.”