Scott back with Leicester for 2019
Wednesday 21 November 2018

Scott has stayed with the Lions for 2019 as they drop down to the Championship.

Team manager Stewart Dickson said: “Scott was the rider I wanted, and he’s really up for it. I made it clear to him that he was my target, and he was delighted to hear that from the outset.

“It wasn’t a case of it maybe being him or someone else, so we’re obviously really pleased to get it over the line.

“I’m very methodical in everything I do, and Scott had an 8.49 away average in the Championship last season, but only 7.84 at home. That’s why his overall average is slightly down on what you might expect.

“I don’t just pick a figure, I look at all kinds of things including bonus points which can give people a false average if they’re riding in a strong team with good pairings.

“To have an eight-and-a-half point average away from home is very impressive, and I know he rides Leicester a lot better than he rides Peterborough, so that’s why I went for him.

“But Scott brings other things as well. We know what he’s achieved in the sport, and he’ll be great for the youngsters. His general experience is another big reason to have him on board.

“I’ll be honest and say that whilst I’ve been working on the rest of the team, I’ve been consulting Scott because you’ve also got to find out more about the riders. We want people who will mix together and to get the balance right.

“It’s a major signing, and also he was at Leicester last season so he already has an affinity with the supporters, which is important in what we’re trying to build as well.”