Scott in GP Series for 2009
Friday 7 November 2008

Scott will continue to be a part of the Speedway Grand Prix line up in 2009 after being chosen as a permanent wild card rider.

In addition to Scott, the other three permanent wild card riders for the 2009 individual world championship are Chris Harris (Great Britain), Fredrick Lindgren (Sweden) and Emil Sajfutdinov (Russia).

Commenting on the 2009 SGP rider line-up Paul Bellamy, Managing Director, BSI Speedway, said:

“This year Scott made two finals and only just finished outside the top eight and an automatic qualification for the 2009 Series, but his performances have shown he still has the commitment and drive to be World Champion.”

The full rider list for the 2009 Speedway Grand Prix series is;

1 Nicki PEDERSEN (Denmark) DMU
2 Jason CRUMP (Australia) MA
3 Tomasz GOLLOB (Poland) PZM
5 Hans ANDERSEN (Denmark) DMU
6 Leigh ADAMS (Australia) MA
7 Andreas JONSSON (Sweden) SVEMO
8 Rune HOLTA (Poland) PZM
9 Scott NICHOLLS (Great Britain) ACU
10 Fredrik LINDGREN (Sweden) SVEMO
11 Chris HARRIS (Great Britain) ACU
12 Kenneth BJERRE (Denmark) DMU
13 Grzegorz WALASEK (Poland) PZM
14 Sebastian ULAMEK (Poland) PZM
15 Emil SAJFUTDINOV (Russia) MFR


19 Niels-Kristian IVERSEN (Denmark) DMU
20 Tomasz JEDRZJAK (Poland) PZM
21 Ryan SULLIVAN (Australia) MA
22 Jesper B. MONBERG (Denmark) DMU
23 Adrian MIEDZINSKI (Poland) PZM
24 Jurica PAVLIC (Croatia) HMS