Scott joins Rye House in 2017
Tuesday 15 November 2016

Scott joins Premiership new-boys the BMR Rockets.

“I’m really excited to be here because of the plans that Team BMR have and the outlook that they have.

“It’s also good from a personal perspective to have a change of scene and new faces to work with. It helps to keep you fresh and enthusiastic.

“I had three good years at Belle Vue, although I feel I will be coming into 2017 on a bit of a false average. I never really found the speed at the new National Stadium, and yet I had what I think was the fourth highest away average in the League!”

Scott admits that he has only ridden the Rye House circuit once in his twenty year-plus career. “It was the Ben Fund Bonanza back in 2010. But I like the small tracks – I like them all, really – and as I say I’m really looking forward to a change of place and a new challenge.”

“It should be a team that really gels with the fans and also builds a real team spirit. There will also be a friendly competitive nature to it, because a number of us will want to be the No.1.

“It’s a fantastic looking line-up, and I can’t wait till we get out on the track.”